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Work is easy when you have all tools around you!
The dataFloat model is a framework for building fluid, lightening fast applications designed specifically for web browser display. It is multilingual, highly scalable, and easy to integrate with other applications and databases. It powers an array of data-driven tools unique to IDC Global.

Data is already defining the future of the real estate market. Prospects are getting smarter every time they search the web, but they still need that personal touch from a local expert to help them understand the trends and make sense of what is happening in their local market.

Be ahead of the curve with the portfolio of Market Report Data products from IDC Global using dataFloat.

  • Data built on a platform designed for deep market and financial analysis
  • Completely automated – set it once and clients receive regular emails that are personally branded to each agent or company
  • Show your expertise of local property and micro market knowledge, setting you up as the expert in your area
  • Build your business through a "set-and-forget" system of highly statistical data reports for your clients
  • Bringing big data capabilities to real estate