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Work is easy when you have all tools around you!

We are IDC Global, an international real estate technology and software provider. We believe software should work for you, and we know your clients expect expertise, so we built the solutions to get you there.

Our team of experienced developers, project managers and website designers can accomplish any real estate website project you have in mind, but the secret sauce is when we keep going past the finish to grow with you and your company’s needs. It really comes down to one thing, we LOVE to help! Think of us as your technology caddy - we’ll give you guidance and consultation for anything that touches your real estate company infrastructure. Our horizontal management structure means each of our project managers, designers and developers is an empowered member of the team, with full access to all levels of leadership. That means you get access to all levels of leadership as well, and full transparency is our promise.


  • We are based in New York City, but we have employees across the world
  • We’ve been developing real estate software and working with clients worldwide since 1999
  • Our team comes from a cross-functional background, with experience in engineering, financial services, marketing and creative agency work. We even have a few musicians and athletes in the mix too